Horace Fane

A skilled but trecherous guide to the jungles of Xendrik


Horace profile


Horace is an adventurous Half-Elf who has spent most of his life in the city of Stormreach and its surrounding jungle wilderness. He makes his living as a wilderness guide to explorers searching for ruins of the ancient giants. Once while exploring, he fought off a group of enraged tigers, to protect a tribe of renegade Drow. This moment of bravery won him the trust of the tribe’s leader, a charismatic warrior named Xeal. In time the two came to an arrangement, whereby Horace was granted safe passage through the tribe’s territory, which he uses to guide his clients to deep reaches of the jungle inaccessible to his competitors. In return, he periodically seeks out inexperienced, well-equipped clients to treacherously lead into a Drow ambush, which provides Xeal with a steady stream of wealth and supplies from Stormreach.

Initially, the party hired Horace in their pursuit of Ir’Vladene and Tasha, as he claimed to know a good deal about their disappearance. He agreed to take them to a ruin where he claims Ir’Vladene was found dead. However, Fane instead led the party into Xeal’s ambush and retreated from the battle. His current whereabouts are unknown.

He also seems to have recently served as a guide to the late Father Garth Morbus, though its unclear exactly how the scenario played out.

Horace Fane

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