Irdish B'Kun

Battle hardened war veteran who has begun to make a name for himself as an arena fighter in the Red Ring.




As a member of house Deneith, Irdish was inevitably drawn into fighting as a mercenary for his house in the last war. Most of his military career was spent stationed near the southern border of Aundair, fighting along side a number of other mercenaries, including Tyn D’Phiarlan and Captain Granus Varingian.

After the war, he found himself drawn into a small, experimental new business venture for House Deneith: Arena Fighting, in the city of Stormreach’s Red Ring arena. Urdish had always favored complex weapon combinations and advanced combat tactics over brute force, so he found he had a knack for putting on a good show. At one point, between matches, he had some business that brought him to Sharn. One thing, led to another and he awoke to find himself with some bruises and bloodied knuckles, in the the drunk-tank in the Cliffside district jailhouse. Fortunately, his old army buddy, Tyn, happened to be in the area with some fresh coin, and was able to bail him out. Since Tyn and his companions were headed to Stormreach, working on a lucrative contract, Irdish, offered his services in exchange for a fair share of the rewards.

Once the group reached Stormreach, Irdish learned that due to political maneuvering against his house, the privileged status of House Deneith arena fighters was coming to an end, and to continue fighting for his house, he would have to join the blood-bound, a dedicated caste of warriors who who give up much of their freedom in exchange for glory in the Red Ring and respect within Stormreach. Now he prepares to take on the strenuous challenge of taking the oath and joining the blood-bound, while continuing to journey with his trusted companions.

Irdish B'Kun

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